While joining a snowmobile club is not mandatory, many snowmobilers find it beneficial due to the advantages it offers, including access to groomed trails and a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts. The decision to join a club or not largely depends on your personal preferences and how you wish to experience the sport in NYS.

Yes, in New York State (NYS), you are generally required to have insurance coverage for your snowmobile. New York State law mandates that snowmobiles must be insured, and they must meet specific liability insurance requirements. The liability insurance coverage is intended to protect you and others in the event of an accident involving your snowmobile.

Here are some key points regarding snowmobile insurance in NYS:

All snowmobiles operated on any part of a roadway or shoulder of a highway in New York State must be covered by minimum liability insurance.

New York State Parks law requires snowmobilers to carry liability coverage in the minimum amount of $10,000 for an accident involving one person, $20,000 for an accident involving two or more persons, and $5,000 for property damage from one accident.

Proof of insurance must be carried by the snowmobiler and must be displayed on request of any magistrate, law enforcement officer, or anyone who has suffered personal injury or property damage as a result of the snowmobiler's actions.

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