The Tioga Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club would like to thank the land owners for the use of their property!






Please remember to thank the landowner for their permission to use their land as part of NYS Snowmobile Trail System. Without their support we would not have a place to ride.



 Did you know that over 80% of the snowmobile trails in the NY State are located on private lands? The NYS Snowmobile Trail System exists through the generosity of the private landowners.


 Please remember once you leave your property, you assume the responsibilities inherent in being a guest on someone else's land. The public use of private lands is a privilege. Donít take it for granted.


 Many of our Landowners have come to our local snowmobile club as a means for them to open their lands with some degree of confidence that the land will be treated with respect and consideration. Letís not lose their trust.


 This relationship is being threatened by the inappropriate use of Private Landownerís land. More than ever, land users need to show they care by doing their part to protect the privilege of using the private lands. On private or public property, "Treat the Land and Landowners with Respect". That is little to ask for, considering all we get in return.


 On trails throughout New York, signs are appearing asking snowmobilers not to abuse this privilege or loss of trail will result.


 Please follow these simple rules;

1.      Stay on the trail.

2.      Follow all NYS Snowmobiling Laws

3.      Wear proper safety equipment

4.      Report abuses of public and private lands

5.      Thank the Land Owner for allowing the club the use of the land for a snowmobile trail.